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SPEC’ted is a portfolio website.

Unshared Secret

A businessman files for divorce after he learns about his wife’s infidelity when she falls pregnant, forcing him to make a business sacrifice to avoid exposing his sterility secret.

Left Behind

A terminally ill man struggles to connect with his younger granddaughter, who felt abandoned when her parents died, and her sister moved out for college.

Filthy Habits

After a terrible breakup, a young woman uses her mental illness as an excuse to take revenge on her ex-fiancee.

Popaya in land of the Ancestors

Photo by Vijay Vinoth on Pexels.com

A young boy goes after a wild campfire and ends up roaming into the unknown.


Photo by Clive Kim on Pexels.com

Fragments of Happiness

Photo by Tomu00e9 Louro on Pexels.com

What is your Rewiew?

“There aren’t many people that are not going to want to use you for your gift, and that’s a good thing, but you gotta make sure they are using you in the way you are comfortable with being used, so, it’s like…it’s fine, your gift is here to be used and shown, don’t be like “they are using me” that’s fine but just put in limits and boundary on that…” Rachel K. Ofori


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Upcoming Specs

  • Popaya in the lands of Ancestors
  • Left Behind
  • Filthy Habits

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. It’s so very relatable to the new generation that always acts as if everything doesn’t bother them, but at the same time it does. They bulldoze through the emotions shown by those who care just because they don’t feel like anyone understand them when thoughts are a different island altogether. Left behind is remarkable, I couldn’t help but act out all the roles. I wish I wasn’t so camera destructive. Good job Aina. Send me more please

    Liked by 2 people

  2. To secrets unshared.
    Signs of betrayal are the most vivid when we are entranced and close. Only when she is heavily pregnant with another man’s child do you start to realize them as warnings before. I am wondering what would she have done to cheat him, if he had told her the first date in the red dress that he was sterile? Would she have made more money selling a secret? Would she have extorted him for money. But I couldn’t assume a character that wasn’t defined. Maybe she made a mistake and thought she could push it to him. If only she knew… A well kept secret that played out well in his favor. It must hurt but what a way to reveal a betrayal indeed. I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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